The name

Concoct comes from the verb “to concoct” that means: create, mix, invent.

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Rooms & Apartments

Our apartments are meant for those who stay in Milano for a period of time & are searching for a more familiar atmosphere where they can even prepare themselves a salad or where they can rest without being obliged to go out to yet another restaurant, or for family whom are traveling with young kids & and prefer feeding the youngsters in a more home-like area opposed to restaurants.

In order to gain the perfect concoction you need the correct ingredients and the right measurements. That is what we had in mind when we created this Apartment-hotel. We invited 6 young architects and asked each of them to come up with their ideal short stay city apartment, each was given a comparable “raw space”, a budget and a minimum of requirements.

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Concoct Milano run by: MBST di Sara Trevenen e c. s.a.s. | Via Pagliano 37, 20149 Milano | p.iva 07796560964